Sentence Examples

  • The white frill is said to be the rarest, and birds exhibiting it have white necks even in winter.
  • The countess was now over sixty, was quite gray, and wore a cap with a frill that surrounded her face.
  • Bartlett, that every ruff assumes tufts and frill exactly the same in colour and markings as those he wore in the preceding season; and thus, polymorphic as is the male as a species, as an individual he is unchangeable.
  • From each side of his head sprouts a tuft of stiff curled feathers, while the feathers of the throat change colour, and beneath and around it sprouts the frill or ruff already mentioned as giving the bird his name.
  • RUFF, a bird so called from the very beautiful and remarkable frill of elongated feathers that, just before the breedingseason, grow thickly round the neck of the male, who is considerably larger than the female, known as the reeve.