Sentence Examples

  • Led Zeppelin were invited to play Woodstock, but their manager turned it down, fearing they would get lost in the shuffle of all of the bands on the bill.
  • On three occasions, the surviving members of Zeppelin, with John Bonham's son Jason taking his place on drums, have performed together as Led Zeppelin.
  • While you may not find as many Astrud Gilberto songs as you might for a performer like Bob Dylan or Led Zeppelin, you will be able to find a few.
  • The band was originally called The New Yardbirds, but after adding John Bonham and Jon Paul Jones to the mix, the band was renamed Led Zeppelin.
  • Although his solo albums didn't burn up the charts like a Zeppelin album, he consistently sold out arenas while touring solo, mostly with Zeppelin fans hoping (futilely, at this point), to hear some old Zep songs.