Sentence Examples

  • YULE, the season of Christmas.
  • Yule (1864), and other British officers, including J.
  • See, for the history of Sokotra, Yule, Marco Polo (1903 ed.) .ii.
  • The introduction of the danz, ballads (or fornkvicedi, as they are now called) for singing, with a burden, usually relating to a love-tale, which were immensely popular with the people and performed by whole companies at weddings, yule feasts and the like, had relegated the regular Icelandic poetry to more serious events or to the more cultivated of the chiefs.
  • This word is chiefly used alone as an archaism or in poetry or poetical language, but is more common in combination, as in "yule-tide," "yulelog," &c. The Old English word appears in various forms, e.g.