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Another word for wrestle

  1. To contend with an opponent at close quarters, as by attempting to throw him or her

      1. To struggle roughly; scuffle.
      2. A rough or vigorous struggle; a scuffle.
      1. To fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters.
      2. To shuffle.
      3. A rough disorderly struggle at close quarters.
      1. An iron shaft with claws at one end, usually thrown by a rope and used for grasping and holding, especially one for drawing and holding an enemy ship alongside.
      2. Any of various grasping devices having hinged tines or jaws that close around an object or load, used especially in lifting or dragging heavy items.
      3. The act of grappling.
  2. To strive in opposition

      1. A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.
      2. The period of such conflict.
      3. The techniques and procedures of war; military science.
      1. To cause to slope, as by raising one end; incline:
      2. To cause to be advantageous to one party rather than another:
      3. To aim or thrust (a lance) in a joust.
      1. To exert muscular energy, as against a material force or mass:
      2. To be strenuously engaged with a problem, task, or undertaking:
      3. To have difficulty or make a strenuous effort doing something:
      1. To attempt to harm or gain power over an adversary by blows or with weapons.
      2. To engage in a boxing match.
      3. To engage in a quarrel; argue:
      1. A prearranged, formal combat between two persons, usually fought to settle a point of honor.
      2. A struggle for domination between two contending persons, groups, or ideas.
      3. To engage (another) in or as if in formal combat.
      1. To strive in opposition or against difficulties; struggle:
      2. To strive in competition, as in a race; vie:
      3. To strive in controversy or debate; dispute.
      1. To oppose in battle; fight against.
      2. To act or work in order to eliminate, curtail, or stop:
      3. To engage in fighting; contend or struggle.
      1. An encounter between opposing forces:
      2. Armed fighting; combat:
      3. A match between two combatants:
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Another word for wrestle

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