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Another word for wreath

      1. A wreath or woven chain of flowers, leaves, etc. worn on the head or used as decoration, esp. as a symbol of victory, honor, etc.
      2. (Mining) A metal gutter placed round a mine shaft on the inside, to catch water running down inside the shaft and run it into a drainpipe.
      3. The crown of a monarch.
      1. (Archit.) A small convex molding somewhat resembling a string of beads
      2. (Roman Catholic Church) A string of beads resembling a rosary, used to count iterations in a devotional sequence of prayers.
      3. A moulding in the form of a string of beads; a bead-moulding.
      1. Any of a genus (Laurus) of evergreen trees or shrubs of the laurel family, native to S Europe and widely cultivated in the U.S., with large, glossy, aromatic leaves, greenish-yellow flowers, and black berries
      2. An evergreen tree (Laurus nobilis) of the Mediterranean region valued for its aromatic ovate leaves, used in cooking.
      3. The foliage of this tree, esp. as woven into wreaths such as those used by the ancient Greeks to crown the victors in various contests or by the ancient Romans to signify military success
      1. A wreath of flowers or other objects such as shells, nuts, and feathers, worn especially around the neck.
      2. In Hawaii, a wreath of flowers and leaves, generally worn about the neck
      3. Plural form of leu
      1. Any of various coins or monetary units whose name means crown
      2. An artificial substitute for the natural crown of a tooth.
      3. (--- originally) A coin bearing the figure of a crown
      1. A raised cable with light globes attached.
      2. (Astronomy) A cloud on Jupiter that hangs out of its home belt or zone into an adjacent area forming a curved finger-like image or a complete loop back to its home belt or zone.
      3. (Technology) A specific style of electric light bulb consisting of a cylindrical enclosure with two points of contact on either end providing power to the filament or diode.
      1. A small branch or sprig of a tree or plant, with leaves, berries, flowers, etc.
      2. A jet of fine liquid particles, or mist, as from an atomizer or spray gun
      3. A moving mass of particles or projectiles:
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