Sentence Examples

  • Inspect their vehicle before they leave - Drivers make sure that the fuel and oil are at the proper levels, the brakes and windshield wipers are working, the mirrors are adjusted properly and that all necessary safety equipment is on board.
  • It may be the result of a direct blow to the head; of the moving head being rapidly stopped, such as when a person's head hits a windshield in a car accident; or by the sudden deceleration of the head without its striking another object.
  • He had even learned how to adjust the view, and sometimes he'd play with the game where he could see the entire car, and other times he'd switch it so it looked like he was in the car looking out the windshield.
  • If you want to camp, you must also purchase a vehicle pass to display on your windshield for the duration of the event so that your car is not towed from the parking lot.
  • A soggy parking ticket was spread over his windshield by the first sweep of the wipers.