Sentence Examples

  • She had the dubious honor of being the only female werewolf in the world.
  • One of them caught sight of her and screamed, "Werewolf!" as he ran.
  • The werewolf jumped to Jackson's body and pulled the stake from his chest with her teeth.
  • I am with your werewolf girlfriend.
  • The Lais which may be definitely attributed to Marie are: Guigemar, Equitan, Le Feene, Le Bisclavret (the werewolf), Les Deux amants, Laustic, Chaitivel, Lanval, Le Chevrefeuille, Milon, Yonec and Eliduc. The other similar lays are anonymous except the Lai d'Ignaure by Renant and the Lai du cor of Robert Biket, two authors otherwise unknown.