Sentence Examples

  • Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana shout the loudest for the most part, as their designs tend to be horrendously embellished and, therefore, hugely noticeable, which makes these handbags utterly irresistible to up-and-coming Hollywood starlets.
  • The name of this clutch really belies its beauty; here is the type of bag you'd expect to see under the arm of some up-and-coming model as she careens through the streets of New York, rushing to make her photo shoots.
  • Your "Join us" site should emphasize commitments to product or service quality and customer service, and an explanation of what you do and why your company is the industry leader, or an up-and-coming contender.
  • The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition 2010 is chock full of gorgeous swimsuit models, an up-and-coming tennis star, Olympic beauties and a body paint swimsuit section that will have you doing a double take!
  • With the list of legends who have been born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as the long list of up-and-coming artists and future legends, it's clear that the town has the ability to raise fine actors.