Sentence Examples

  • The position becomes more complex where an investigation is underway.
  • While the plans were underway for the development of the tourist attraction, two small women known as the "Shobijin" arrived and explained that the egg was from their native island called Infant Island, and a product of their god Mothra.
  • That is, middle and even working-class women could look stylish without a big expenditure, so whereas movements towards more practicality and simplicity in clothes had been underway in the 1910s, they came to fruition in this period.
  • Whether you live in an apartment with a sunny balcony or a rural farm, strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow in the home garden and richly reward the gardener with sweet delights as summer gets underway.
  • Federal investigations by the CPSC, legal action underway and claims decisions by insurance companies can all play a role in how homeowners will -or will not- be compensated for their Chinese drywall problems.