Sentence Examples

  • Men can wear a basic shirt with simple slops, boots and a hat, women have a jolly time with a blouse, a bodice, an underskirt and shorter overskirt in contrasting colors and either a straw hat or garland of flowers.
  • A noblewoman wears a gown similar to that of the queen, comprising a stiff corset top, heavy petticoat, underskirt, overskirt, ruff and hat.
  • Choose a flirty style skirt with a crinoline underskirt or a simple strapless satin sheath with a ribbon cummerbund in a coordinating color.
  • Are you planning on donning a frisky and party length shift, or a princess gown complete with a corseted back and a tulle underskirt?
  • Play it up with a fun plaid trim or lace underskirt, or pair your dress with a bright red pair of heels.