Sentence Examples

  • The idea was that a girl who was just beginning to develop still required support and it would help her develop more healthfully if she wore this garment, rather than just an undershirt.
  • If you're wearing a good dress shirt, whether custom or not, you may want to wear a T-shirt or undershirt to keep the shirt in better condition and guard against sweat stains.
  • Much the same way as women wear compression garments to help with circulation and other medical problems, this undershirt can help if you have lower back problems.
  • While it doesn't look cool to wear a t-shirt under an open-collared shirt, it does feel better to wear a very fine-knit or cotton v-neck undershirt.
  • They don't seem to be sanctioned by Spanx, but Equmen is selling what they call a Core Precision Undershirt that they describe as Spanx for men.