Sentence Examples

  • There have also been a high number of UFO sightings throughout the region, particularly off the coast of Andros Island where there is a high security research center, the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC).
  • The challenge is to dive undersea to save the Krabby Patty secret recipe while performing delicate surgery on SpongeBob's Barnacle Brain, Evil Thoughts and Clammy Hands without giving him a shock by setting off the buzzer.
  • The resort is also located next to two major tourist attractions: the Undersea National Park and the Sea Aquarium, giving you two family friendly activities right on your doorstep.
  • They include a KeyMan typing game that is very similar to the PacMan arcade game, as well as an undersea adventure where the player must burst bubbles before they reach the surface.
  • Another new addition to the TPC scrapbook collection is the "Undersea Adventures," which features fun holographic foil embellished paper, stickers, rub-ons and stamps.