Sentence Examples

  • Whether called "bloomers," "Spankies," or "dance pants," there is a particular style of undergarment that is produced to complement the uniform - coming in matching colors and usually accompanying the basic uniform.
  • The most well-known body shaper undergarment is the corset, which has undergone numerous iterations in its long history and is still worn today, although more commonly as a fetish or fantasy piece of lingerie.
  • Ross, the founder of, shares insights on common myths about men wearing feminine lingerie, the unique nature of this business, and popular undergarment styles in this LoveToKnow interview.
  • Thus, lingerie manufacturers created the open bottom girdle with six garters attached, perfect for holding up thigh-high stockings, and this was the undergarment of choice in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Today, the corset is a sign of femininity, and plus size strapless corsets are worn not only as lingerie or an undergarment, but also for the Goth look when it is worn as an outer garment.