Sentence Examples

  • Although people have speculated about the existence of an unclassified creature living in Loch Ness for thousands of years, the myth did not become an international sensation until around 1933.
  • As a result, the game cannot be sold in Australia, since the sale, distribution and advertising of unclassified games is forbidden by the government.
  • According to the religious census of 1900 there were in the German empire- 35,231,104 Evangelical Protestants, 20,327,913 Roman Catholics, 6472 Greek Orthodox, 203,678 Christians belonging to other confessions, 586,948 Jews, f 1,597 members of other sects and 5938 unclassified, The Christians belonging to other confessions include Moravian Brethren, Mennonites, Baptists, Methodists and Quakers, German Catholics, Old Catholics, &c. The table on following page shows the distribution of the population according to religious beliefs as furnished by the census of 1900.
  • Some 9000 individuals were engaged in unclassified industries.
  • The mines of this one district had produced, up to 1902, $371,248,288, of which $148,145,385 was in gold, $204,653,040 in silver, and the remainder in unclassified tailings.