Sentence Examples

  • Vasilopoulos, S., et al. "The small-caliber esophagus: an unappreciated cause of dysphagia for solids in patients with eosinophilic esophagitis."
  • The film was significantly ahead of its time, and as such, it went unappreciated by critics and viewers alike.
  • Though the pique polo also comes in uniform friendly colors such as white and navy, the presence of this darling crocodile often goes unappreciated by school systems, and so these shirts remain absent from the uniform circuit.
  • Anakin had a lot of anger in him, knowing he was full of potential and his destiny was to become a Jedi - and to live the life of an unappreciated slave.
  • However, if you forget to praise her, she may begin to feel unappreciated and her motivation (and job performance) will drop.