Sentence Examples

  • In 1900 Lubeck was put into direct communication with the Elbe at Lauenburg by the opening of the Elbe-Trave Canal, 42 m.
  • Magdeburg is one of the most important railway centres in northern Germany; and the Elbe, besides being bridged - it divides there into three arms - several times for vehicular traffic, ' See Der Bau des Elbe-Trave Canals and seine Vorgeschichte (Lubeck, 1900).
  • TRAVE, a river of north Germany, rising in the Oldenburg principality of Lubeck, between Eutin and Ahrensbock.
  • This victory led two years later to the voluntary submission of the two Abodrite princes Niklot and Borwin to the Danish crown, whereupon the bulk of the Abodrite dominions, which extended from the Trave to the Warnow, including modern Mecklenburg, were divided between them.
  • In respect of interna~ navigation, the principal of the greater undertakings are thi Dortmund-Ems and the Elbe-Trave canals.

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