Sentence Examples

  • "Yes. Not easy, but yes," Sofi replied, tilting her head to the side.
  • She gazed at the soft ceiling lighting before tilting her head to see whose quiet voices she heard.
  • She found herself tilting her head to expose her neck.
  • The investigation of Carpenter on unconscious cerebration and of Faraday on unconscious muscular action showed early in the movement that it was not necessary to look outside the medium's own personality for the explanation of even intelligent communications unconsciously conveyed through table-tilting, automatic writing and trance-speaking - provided the matter communicated was not beyond the range of the medium's own knowledge or powers.
  • These were followed by a period of minor tilting and faulting in early Mesozoic, by a moderate upwarping in Tertiary, and by a moderate uplift in post-Tertiary time.