Sentence Examples

  • The TV theme was recorded in a wonderfully eccentric studio, which looked like a throwback to the 60s.
  • You'll get the store name, address, phone number, size of the Pepsi Throwback beverages available, how far they are from the specific zip code you entered, and the option to print your search results.
  • If you're interested in having Pepsi Throwback stay around indefinitely and in more stores, you can sign a petition at and state why you think the drink should be available year-round, in all your favorite stores.
  • If you're trying to find out where to buy Pepsi Throwback, you can have it narrowed down to which stores carry it as well as which size they have (12 packs of 8 fl. oz. cans or individual 20 fl. oz. bottles, for example).
  • Although throwback jerseys that are worn in real games look similar to older styles and team colors, they must conform to the current regulations on the field for number and name placement and fit over padding.