Sentence Examples

  • A more rational system of cropping now began to take the place of the thriftless and barbarous practice of sowing successive crops of corn until the land was utterly exhausted, and then leaving it foul with weeds to recover its power by an indefinite period of rest.
  • In character the Indians are, as a rule, peaceable, though conscious of their numerical superiority and at times driven to join in the revolutions which so often disturb the course of local politics; they are often intensely religious, but with a few exceptions are thriftless, indolent and inveterate gamblers.
  • Robert was thriftless, volatile and easy-going, a good knight but a most incompetent sovereign.
  • He was at heart a chivalrous adventurer delighting in war for wars sake; he was not dt~stitute of a consciencehis undutiful conduct to his father sat heavily on his soul when that father was once dead; he had a strong sense of knightly honor and a certain magnanimity of soul in times of crisis; but he was harsh, thriftless, often cruel, generally lacking in firmness and continuity of purpose, always careless of his subjects welfare when it interfered with his pleasure or his ambitions of the moment.
  • The futile and thriftless yet busy and self-important king was one of those sovereigns who irritate their subjects into opposition by injudicious activity.