Sentence Examples

  • Diabetes is thought to be a condition of what is referred to as Wasting and Thirsting Syndrome.
  • Full Auto has the unfortunate distinction of being the first new Xbox 360 title to come out in a while, so gamers that are thirsting for new blood are likely to have their expectations set super-high.
  • Creating generations of families will have you thirsting for more Sims 2 action and you'll spend hours upon hours living vicariously through your Sims.
  • You behold me gentle, a peacemaker, pure of heart, a mourner, hungering, thirsting, bearing persecutions and hatreds for righteousness' sake, and do you doubt whether I accept the gospel..
  • Thirsting for vengeance, he fled to the Cossack settlements on the Lower Dnieper and thence sent messages to the khan of the Crimea, urging a simultaneous invasion of Poland by the Tatars and the Cossacks (1647).