Sentence Examples

  • Many cite a correlation between the increase in autism cases and the gradual increase in thimerosal exposure as the number of mandatory childhood vaccinations have increased from ten during the 1980s to the thirty that are required today.
  • This study assessed computerized medical records in the Vaccine Safety Datalink to conclude that rates of autism spectrum disorders and other neurological problems rose consistently with increased exposure to thimerosal in vaccines.
  • From this review, the committee concluded that the evidence of these studies overwhelmingly favors the position that there is no connection between either thimerosal containing vaccines or the MMR injection.
  • Children should not receive HBV if they are allergic to baker's yeast or thimerosal, are allergic to any other components in a combination vaccine, or have had a previous allergic reaction to HBV.
  • The symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism are strikingly similar, as illustrated by a comparison chart found at the bottom of the National Autism Society's page on thimerosal.

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