Sentence Examples

  • Ideally, this will eventually culminate in the running of a conference and/or thematic workshops.
  • Style: If you don't scrapbook thematic pages, you can try organizing your stickers into general style categories such as vintage, grunge, contemporary, or ethnic-inspired.
  • The CAT, developed by psychiatrist and psychologist Leopold Bellak and Sonya Sorel Bellak and first published in 1949, is based on the picture-story test called the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
  • In the Victorian age, masked ball attendees wore dresses that either harked back to a Victorian idea of a previous era, evoked a painting, or had a thematic element, such as "night."
  • Mylar streamers usually are available as strings of stars or other thematic elements, and are designed to be hung from the ceiling or along the edges of tables.