Sentence Examples

  • Captain Samantha "Sam" Carter (Amanda Tapping), a brilliant tactician and astrophysicist, and the Jaffa warrior Teal'c (Christopher Judge) completed the original team.
  • He was the idol of his soldiers, a good tactician, but not a great strategist.
  • He was, however, an admirable tactician, a consummate knight, and he possessed extraordinary vigour and energy of temperament.
  • One of his favourite places of resort in these years was a club of which Dr Hutton, Dr Black, Dr Adam Ferguson, John Clerk the naval tactician, Robert Adam the architect, as well as Smith himself, were original members, and to which Dugald Stewart, Professor Playfair and other eminent men were afterwards admitted.
  • As a resourceful political leader, and an adroit, ready, skilful tactician in debate, he has had few equals in American history.