Sentence Examples

  • The rocks are largely volcanic, the stratification being complex.
  • Its roof is a single flat stratum of limestone; its walls are well marked by lines of stratification; dripstone also partly covers the walls, fills a deep fissure at the end of the cave, and spreads over the floor, where it mingles with an ancient bed of ashes, forming an ash-breccia (mostly firm and solid) that encloses fragments of sandstone, flint spalls, flint implements, charcoal and bones.
  • St Kilda is probably the core of a Tertiary volcano, but, besides volcanic rocks, contains hills of sandstone in which the stratification is distinct.
  • - Diagram of the stratification of temperature and the vertical components of currents in high southern latitudes.
  • 2, which are driven across the stratification, or generally anywhere not in coal, are known as " stone drifts."