Sentence Examples

  • Star-crossed love is the theme of the fantasy romance series Beauty and the Beast (not to be confused with the fairy tale of the same name or the Disney movie based on the fairy tale).
  • LTK: Marti and Lewis have the potential to be a strong, star-crossed set of lovers with Alice and Dan both in the wings - what can you share about the Marti/Lewis relationship?
  • Kristen Stewart starred as Bella and Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen, giving life to the star-crossed lovers and giving them a recognizable face.
  • Sadly for the star-crossed lovers, their dream of being together is dashed when Manuel catches Matilde and takes her back to their ranch.
  • In Chinese folk stories, there is a tale of two star-crossed lovers (similar to Romeo and Juliet) who are known as The Butterfly Lovers.