Sentence Examples

  • You can use an online amortization calculator or you create an amortization table using a spreadsheet which has been preprogrammed with the mathematical calculations necessary to amortize your information onto the spreadsheet.
  • A business that doesn't have a form can check local office supply stores for standard forms, or one can easily be customized through a spreadsheet program to agree with your chart of accounts.
  • You can prepare your spending overview using a free budget worksheet from a personal finance website, use a spreadsheet, or enter your data in a personal finance program such as Quicken.
  • A typical spreadsheet for Farm Town lists all of the crops that you can grow at each level, their associated costs and related statistics such as harvesting information and how much experience you can get for growing them.
  • Heavyweights Microsoft Word, Excel, (spreadsheet), PowerPoint (presentations) and Access (database) are packaged into one product offering called Microsoft Office available in two versions.