Sentence Examples

  • Although his athletic skills may be minimal at this age, being part of a team will teach him sportsmanship, and the exercise will get all his wiggles out, ensuring a great night's sleep!
  • Little League -- One of the oldest international organizations dedicated to youth baseball and softball, Little League has been teaching millions of kids to play ball, as well as about leadership, sportsmanship and discipline since 1939.
  • The organization is also very concerned that ethical conduct and good sportsmanship be observed in all phases of the competitions, as the rivalry between cheer squads can become quite intense.
  • Parents should take an active role in helping their child develop good sportsmanship, according to a 2002 health advisory issued by the journal Clinical Reference Systems.
  • Mizuno quickly grew into a respected designer and purveyor of quality athletic wear and equipment, keeping the ideals of true sportsmanship front and center through its evolution.