Sentence Examples

  • The Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO) is self-governing with strict member criteria.Products can be part of the Fair Trade Federation yet not be part of the fair trade certification labeling process.
  • Each group is a self-governing body that attempts to promote and cultivate scholarship, leadership, and/or service among its members.
  • Meanwhile, though the Colonial Conference (re-named Imperial) of 1907 showed that there was a wide difference of opinion on the tariff question between the free-trade government and the colonial premiers, in one part of the empire the ministry took a decided step - in the establishment of a self-governing constitution for the Transvaal and Orange River colonies - which, for good or ill, would make the period memorable.
  • That system recognized the municeps as at once a citizen of a self-governing city community, and a member of the city of Rome, his dual capacity being illustrated by his right of voting both in the election of Roman magistrates and in the election of magistrates for his own town.
  • The masters were compelled to insure themselves against the payments for which they might become liable, and for this purpose had to form trades associations, self-governing societies, which in each district included all the masters for each particular trade.