Sentence Examples

  • The Iraqi forces continue to exercise their legitimate right to self-defense and the Iraqi government justly points the finger at the aggressor.
  • Today, more than two-thirds of the foods at your grocery store contain genetically-modified ingredients, according to Ronnie Cummins, author of "Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers."
  • The ancient Chinese practice of meditation, self-defense, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and feng shui are just a few examples of this exchange of cultures through economic trade.
  • By sprouting the grain and then milling the sprouted seeds, the final product allows you to bypass the grain's natural self-defense against being consumed.
  • That's because grain seeds are imbued with a survival self-defense so it can survive being eaten by a bird, animal or even a human by being indigestible.