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Another word for scrimmage

      1. Discarded metal in the form of machinery, auto parts, etc. suitable only for reprocessing
      2. Discarded waste material, especially metal suitable for reprocessing.
      3. A fight or quarrel
      1. The act or sound of feet shuffling
      2. A hoe that is designed to work soil by being pushed and pulled.
      3. A rough, confused fight; close, haphazard struggle
      1. A disorderly struggle or rush, as for something prized
      2. (Sports) A swift takeoff of military aircraft in response to an alert or attack.
      3. A hard, hurried climb or advance, as over rough, difficult ground
      1. Failure to distinguish between things
      2. The act of confusing or the state of being confused:
      3. (Psychology) Impaired orientation with respect to time, place, or person; a disturbed mental state.
      1. Conflict; strife; contention
      2. The act of struggling:
      3. Strife, contention, or combat:
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