Sentence Examples

  • His name is associated with that of Paul in the opening salutations of both epistles to the Thessalonians, the second epistle to the Corinthians, and those to the Philippians and Colossians.
  • 33, but it is not Paul's way to add salutations after a final Amen, and the passage connects as well with xvi.
  • Max Elskamp (born at Antwerp in 1862) is the author of some volumes of religious poetry - Dominical (1892), Salutations, dont d'angeliques (1893), En symbole vers l'apostolat (1895) - for which he has devised as background an imaginary city.
  • From the steps of the palace he proceeded to the praetorian camp to receive the salutations of the troops, and thence to the senate-house, where he was promptly invested with all the honours, titles and powers of emperor.'
  • The blood rains through the platform on to the priest below, who receives it on his face, and even on his tongue and palate, and after the baptism presents himself before his fellow-worshippers purified and regenerated, and receives their salutations and reverence.