Sentence Examples

  • Sarah had a sunny and optimistic nature; her mother always said Sarah wore rose-colored glasses.
  • The rose-colored flowers are also much larger, handsomer, and taller, though scarcely more than 1 inch above the flat mass of leaves, so that the whole plant is seldom more than 3 inches high.
  • Serengeti Sedona: With their rose-colored contrast, the Sedona look is perfect for any harsh light conditions you may encounter while skiing, golfing or playing water sports.
  • Silene Hookeri - A dwarf and rare Californian, with downy leaves of two different shaped, trailing stems, and large deeply-notched rose-colored flowers 2 inches across.
  • Fringed Houseleek (Sempervivum Fimbriatum) - One of the most profusely blooming kinds, the dark rose-colored flowers appearing in summer on stems 6 to 10 inches high.