Sentence Examples

  • Well, the unique controls, excellent sense of speed, and the feeling of "just about to lose control" will certainly put a smile on your face when you first play Excite Truck, but it gets really repetitive, really fast (no pun intended).
  • It hugs the body with a snug fit which helps prevent chafing that can result when wearing loose fitting shorts that get damp from sweat and then rub and irritate the skin when repetitive movements such as cycling are performed.
  • Others are compulsive eaters who, as the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, engage in eating as a repetitive, obsessive behaviour, in much the same way that some obsessive-compulsives wash their hands repeatedly.
  • The best Christmas gifts are personal, of course, but if you're crafting for a whole bunch of people you can alter the colors or design for each piece while still using a somewhat repetitive pattern that saves you time.
  • Among these are speech and language delays or abnormalities, communication and interaction difficulties, marked social anxiety, repetitive behaviors, sensory issues, and a strong preference for structure and routine.