Sentence Examples

  • If you happen to get any of the sticky polyurethane foam on something that should have been covered, clean the area immediately with acetone, paint thinner or nail polish remover if the surface of the area is unfinished.
  • Consider applying some of the MAC Pro eye makeup remover or Gently Off version to a cotton swab and gently erasing your makeup with small strokes rather than saturating a cotton ball and wiping the entire eye area.
  • In Europe, it's packaged in a wide, light blue bottle with a white top, has a more liquid-like consistency and is known by the name Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (or Augen Make-Up Entferner Lotion in Germany).
  • Great if your skin tends to be on the dry side, Laura Mercier's Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is loaded with hydrating emollients to keep the skin soft without leaving behind an oily residue.
  • If you find yourself regularly applying waterproof eye makeup, you'll need to stock the medicine cabinet with a waterproof eye makeup remover such as Neutrogena's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.