Sentence Examples

  • A refinery was attached to the London Mint from 1816 to 1851, but was then let on lease and left to private enterprise.
  • Near Doboj, on the Bosna, there is a state sugar-refinery, for which beetroot is largely grown in the vicinity.
  • There is one large refinery at Villa del Mar, however, which imports raw cane sugar from Peru for refining.
  • The mud from the Ysel furnishes the material for large brick-works and potteries; there are also a celebrated manufactory of stearine candles, a yarn factory, an oil refinery and cigar factories.
  • Bock, however, in 1880 (Bergand hiittenmannische Zeitung, 1880, p. 411) described a process used at the North German Refinery in Hamburg for the refining of gold containing platinum with a small proportion of silver, lead or bismuth, and a subsequent patent specification (1896) and a paper by Wohlwill (Zeus.