Sentence Examples

  • Get a few books on the topic and run some searches, and you might discover that your oh-so-clever headlines and articles reek from an SEO perspective.
  • They reek of decay and death.
  • You reek of Darkyn's power.
  • Its situation, general plan and literary associations suggested a comparison that gave Edinburgh the name of " the modern Athens "; but it has a homelier nickname of " Auld Reekie," from the cloud of smoke (reek) which often hangs over the low-lying quarters.
  • Long), the Reek Canal (92 m.), the Riidersdorfer Gewasser (112 m.), the Rheinsberger Canal (1 T4 m.), and the Sacrow-Paretzer Canal (io m.), besides which the Spree has been canalized for a distance of 28 m., and the Elbe for a distance of 70 m.