Sentence Examples

  • The American Medical Association took a stance against naturopathy in the 1920s, calling it quackery, while it promoted the so-called miracle drugs that were being introduced to the medical community at a rapid rate.
  • The FDA has a long-standing habit of not siding with herbal remedies or else proclaiming herbs for health nothing more than quackery.
  • He was a great admirer of Galen; and in his writings he protests emphatically against quackery and the superstitious remedies of the astrologers.
  • Empiricism, hitherto the only guide, if indeed a guide at all, was replaced by exact scientific knowledge; the connexion of each phenomenon with a controllable cause was established, and rule-of-thumb and quackery banished for ever by the free gift to the world of the results of his researches.
  • About this time, too (November 1707), he produced his best narrative poem, Baucis and Philemon, while the next few months witnessed one of the most amusing hoaxes ever perpetrated against the quackery of astrologers.