Sentence Examples

  • The men on the wall lowered their weapons at her shout, and the remaining pursuer tackled her.
  • We could always go back to throw away phones but even those were suspect when our pursuer was a high level government agency.
  • Glancing over his shoulder at his advancing pursuer, he knew he'd have to drop far enough and rapidly enough to pass Shipton before the killer could swing out with his deadly ax.
  • One merciful provision, however, had existed from time immemorial, and that was [the puuhonuas] sacred inclosures, places of refuge, into which those who fled in time of war, or from any violent pursuer, might enter and be safe.
  • Bragg, however, turned upon his pursuer, and on the 19th and 10th of September one of the bloodiest battles of the war was fought at Chickamauga.