Sentence Examples

  • Long, exceedingly venomous, and provided with curious horn-like protuberances over each eye, which give it a decidedly sinister appearance.
  • When it is remembered that the punching tool was guided solely by the hand and eye, and that three or more blows of the mallet had to be struck for every dot, some conception may be formed of the patience and accuracy needed to produce these tiny protuberances in perfectly straight lines, at exactly equal intervals and of absolutely uniform size.
  • His observations of the protuberances on the sun, made during the total eclipse on the 10th of July 1860, are included in the work of Madler on the eclipse, published in 1861.
  • Hence the monstrous protuberances (Plate IV.
  • In some Sphacelariaceae branches may appear at their inception as lateral protuberances of the apical cell itself.