Sentence Examples

  • In developed nations, including the United States, bacterial gastroenteritis may result from contaminated water supplies, improperly processed or preserved foods, or person-to-person contact in places such as child-care centers.
  • Within the spectrum of people who refrain from eating meat, some follow the diet only occasionally, others eat almost entirely processed foods, and still others live a vegan lifestyle and do not use or consume any animal products.
  • Also, always combine your workout efforts with a healthy diet plan that includes lots of purified water, fresh vegetables and fruits, adequate protein and whole grains while lowering your intake of processed and sugary foods.
  • During the elimination phase of the diet, which clears the body of allergens, ingredient labels for all processed foods should be carefully scrutinized to make sure that none of the proscribed foods makes its way into the diet.
  • The Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center explains that modern life results in almost constant exposure to toxins - from the air you breathe, the water you drink, and a diet based on highly processed, low-fiber high-fat foods.