Sentence Examples

  • Both of these procedures are arbitrary in their principle, and liable to be erratic in their application.
  • We perceive then that the fundamental problems of sidereal science are closely linked up with the elementary and indispensable procedures of celestial measurement.
  • Two procedures are adopted: (1) graphitization of moulded carbons; (2) graphitization of anthracite en masse.
  • Similar procedures are used for the intestine, and one of the best methods of treating the diarrhoea consequent upon the presence of irritating substances in the intestinal canal is to give a dose of castor-oil together with a few drops of laudanum.
  • Khammurabi attributes to Shamash the inspiration that led him to gather the existing laws and legal procedures into a code, and in the design accompanying the code the king represents himself in an attitude of adoration before Shamash as the embodiment of the idea of justice.