Sentence Examples

  • The Red Cross has helpful information about how to make an emergency preparedness kit, as well as tips for dealing with summer-related situations that can affect personal safety, such as a heat wave or a drought.
  • On one occasion a specialist might be providing disaster preparedness training at the scene of a tornado or hurricane, and the next they might be preparing emergency plans at the site of a flood or earthquake.
  • Jamborees are held in several states, and they typically include lots of off-road driving, training in trail preparedness and mechanics, and even methods for getting your Jeep out of difficult situations.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: Courses in emergency preparedness teach students about the importance of risk management, supply-chain security, infrastructure protection and contingency planning.
  • Not all of them offer online degrees in disaster preparedness, but it might be a way to get started then finish up your degree over the Internet with one of the above listed online colleges.