Sentence Examples

  • The honour has also been claimed, not without plausibility, for the Runa rivulet.
  • Even St Paul has been supposed, not without a certain plausibility, to teach the sinless perfection of real Christians.
  • There is little plausibility in the suggestion of Assemani and others that Ruha comes from por t of Callirrhoe.
  • 1 Bartsch and others ascribe its authorship, with much plausibility, to an Austrian knight of the race of Kiirenberg, the earliest of the courtly lyric poets, whose lyrics are written in the Nibelung strophe.
  • It has been suggested by several botanists, with considerable plausibility, that the ultra-violet or chemical rays can be absorbed and utilized by the protoplasm without the intervention of any pigment such as chlorophyll.