Sentence Examples

  • The cylinder, in which a well-fitting piston worked, was provided at its lower end with two valves.
  • In a particular case where the boiler pressure was maintained constant at 130 lb per square inch, and the cut-off was approximately 20% of the stroke, the values c =55 and b=o 031 were deduced, from which it will be found that the value of the piston speed corresponding to the maximum horsepower is 887 ft.
  • On again F J J raising the piston the valve E opens ?g G admitting more liquid whilst F re- mains closed.
  • The air inside is compressed in consequence and during an upstroke of the piston this air tends to regain its original volume and so expels the water, thus bringing about a continuous supply.
  • P. Joule with the perforated piston and with the friction of water and mercury.