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Another word for pink-slip

  1. To end the employment or service of

      1. (Slang) To discharge from employment:
      2. (Football) To tackle (a quarterback attempting to pass the ball) behind the line of scrimmage.
      3. (Slang) To dismiss (a person) from a job; discharge
      1. Used to indicate possession of a specified power, right, or privilege:
      2. To put an end or stop to:
      3. Used to indicate possibility or probability:
      1. To cause to hit against a surface so as to spring back
      2. To present or propose for comment or approval. Often used with off:
      3. To cause to strike an object or a surface and rebound:
      1. To disable (a vehicle) by attaching a Denver boot.
      2. (Computing) To bootstrap; to start a system, eg. a computer, by invoking its boot process or bootstrap.
      3. (Comput.) To start (a computer) and prepare for use by loading automatically (the operating system) into memory, as from a disk
      1. To bake or dry by heating, as in a kiln:
      2. To become ignited; flame up:
      3. (--- Informal) To throw or propel with force and speed:
      1. To cut off, remove, get rid of, etc.
      2. To trim, split, etc. with an ax
      3. (Now dialectal or nonstandard) Alternative form of ask.
      1. To bring to an end in space or time; form the end or conclusion of; limit, bound, finish, or conclude
      2. To form an end or produce a result. Often used with in :
      3. To dismiss from employment; fire
      1. To cause or allow to move away or spread from a source or place of confinement:
      2. To set free from physical restraint or binding; let go:
      3. To loosen; to relax; to remove the obligation of.
      1. To move down with a current of water or air
      2. To leave out (a letter, for example) in speaking or writing.
      3. To move or descend from one height or level to another:
      1. (Law) To adjudicate (a cause of action) as insufficient to proceed further in court because of some deficiency in law or fact.
      2. To send away; cause or allow to leave
      3. To direct or allow to leave:
      1. To release, emit, or excrete a substance, especially from the body.
      2. (Electricity) To cause the release of stored energy or electric charge from (a battery, for example).
      3. To release the charge of (a gun); fire
      1. To dismiss from a position of command or responsibility, especially for disciplinary reasons:
      2. To dismiss, esp. in dishonor, from a position of command, trust, etc.
      3. (Now rare) To dismiss (someone, especially military personnel) from service.