Sentence Examples

  • Electronic Arts has long established itself as an industry leader in sports video games, but for a completely different spin on the game with pigskin, they launched the NFL Street series to moderate success.
  • For example, if you're a huge pigskin fan and have been playing the Madden Football series for years, you can probably jump right into Madden NFL 2006, even if you've never played it before.
  • The first few seasons didn't really have real players or the pizazz that we've come to expect, but it's been 20 solid years of tossing around the old pigskin in a virtual fashion.
  • Instead of simply tapping a button to throw the football to a particular receiver in Madden 07, you make a throwing motion with the Wiimote to toss the ol' pigskin.
  • But this year, NCAA Football '06 impressed me and now, with a portable chance for pigskin play, Madden '06 for the PSP offers a lot of fun for your handheld.