Sentence Examples

  • When Gaston-Phoebus wished to establish a regular annual hearth-tax (fouage) in the viscounty, he convoked the deputies of the three estates in assemblies called accts.
  • In 1360 it passed by the treaty of Bretigny from French to English hands, and its governor was murdered by Gaston Phoebus viscount of Beam, for refusing to surrender it to the count of Anjou.
  • It enjoyed a great reputation for letters and the arts (Cicero pro Archia, 3); but the only names of distinction in these pursuits during the Seleucid period, that have come down to us, are Apollophanes, the Stoic, and one Phoebus, a writer on dreams. The mass of the population seems to have been only superficially Hellenic, and to have spoken Aramaic in non-official life.
  • 26) describes them as placed at equal intervals on the throne of Phoebus, with whom are also associated the four seasons.
  • 1516) by his wife Catherine de Foix, sister and heiress of Francis Phoebus, king of Navarre, and was born at Sanquesa in April 1503.