Sentence Examples

  • It has been thought that it refers to the fact that ants form a large percentage of the prey of the insect, the suffix "lion" merely suggesting destroyer or eater.
  • 6 A small percentage of aluminium produced still higher permeability (µ=6000 for H=2), the induction in fields up to 60 being greater than in any other known substance, and the hysteresis-loss for moderate limits of B far less than in the purest commercial iron.
  • Pop. of the municipality (1900), 2 9,33 1, a large percentage being summer residents, as the census was taken late in December; (1902, municipal census), 18, 373.
  • I I the edge of the disk serves as the pointer and the scale gives the percentage of slack, or (N - n)/n.
  • Food in the United States is so inexpensive as a percentage of national income that it literally is a throwaway item.