Sentence Examples

  • They include: ventricular septal defect (abnormal passageway between the right and left ventricles), displaced aorta, narrowed pulmonary valve, thickened right ventricle wall.
  • This passageway follows a semi-circle that starts above the port hatch and continues to the back of the Combat Information Center, past Damage Control, over the Communications Center and Helm Control, and concludes over the starboard hatch.
  • As with any other Oreck vacuum repair, unplug the machine before you start troubleshooting the problem.Remove the bag and check the passageway where the bag mounts to the vacuum.
  • Laryngomalacia-A birth defect that causes the tissues around the larynx to partially collapse and narrow the air passageway, causing noisy breathing.
  • These types of pillows elevate the head to help create a clear passageway so breathing doesn't become obstructed, which can result in snoring.