Sentence Examples

  • Whether it was an intentional publicity stunt or the unfortunate mix of a sheer black material and flash photography has never really been determined, but either way, a definite oops.
  • A water coaster is unlike any other passive water slide, and guests need to ride the slides appropriately for the safest experience to ensure they avoid any embarrassing or dangerous water slide oops.
  • Nothing spells funny like a group of zombies dressed as Britney Spears - except a group of zombies dressed as Britney Spears who dance and sing Oops, I did it Again at random moments.
  • Visitor Tips: General visitation tips can help you make the most of a day at any theme park, such as knowing how to use theme park maps effectively, practicing roller coaster safety tips, or knowing how to avoid water slide oops.
  • Many couples choose to have a wedding vow renewal on a significant anniversary, after a particular difficult time in their lives or because they encountered too many wedding oops to recover from in a dignified manner.